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Protect Your Home

Home may be where your heart is— but it is also most likely the where the largest investment of your life sits. You can protect your investment AND give your heart some peace, with a homeowners insurance policy from Cross Roads Insurance. Peace of mind and catastrophic protection all rolled into one.

Protect Your Vehicle

Auto insurance should be more than a slip of paper stuffed in your glovebox. At Cross Roads Insurance, it is a document that provides customized coverage and peace of mind. You will be confident that you have the right coverage for your vehicle, protection from others and support from our staff whenever you need it. Imagine ... all that, right in your glovebox!

Protect Your Family

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in life. We get no assurance that we will always be around to protect and provide for our loved ones. Life insurance can help. It can't replace the love you provide, but it can make it easier with some financial security for them in the event of the unthinkable. And you will rest easier now, knowing that no matter what happens, they will be supported.



Home Insurance

If it is under your roof, it should be under our policy. Great rates, with plans to fit every contingency. Homeowners insurance from Cross Roads, the best there is.

Auto Insurance

Whether you are rolling down the road or floating down the river, Cross Roads has the policy for your vehicle. From your dinghy to your luxury ride we've got you covered.

Life Insurance

We know how important your loved ones are to you, and also how you feel about leaving them protected when the unthinkable happens. Leave it to Cross Roads Insurance to provide that protection.

Commercial Insurance

Business insurance is critical to the success of your venture. Protection from catastrophe, financial security and a safeguard against failure from loss. Call Cross Roads today for more information.

Workers Comp

At Cross Roads Insurance, we find you the best policy from our networks of top-rated carriers. We can provide expert advice on the coverage you need.

General Insurance

Bonds, special events (weddings, shows, special events), and many other unique risks, Cross Roads Insurance has the solution to all your insurance needs. Great rates, and award-winning customer service. 


Flooding is America's most common natural disaster. Flood waters affect all fifty States and can have a devastating effect on life and property. Do you hate the water ring around a bathtub? Well, imagine one in your living room! Recovery from a flood is costly, time-consuming, and dangerous. One needs to consider severe impacts such as mold and animal invasion after a severe flood. When it comes to flood recovery, it's best left up to the professionals. Having flood insurance from Cross Roads Insurance can give you the peace of mind you need to ride out the storm. Knowing that no matter the weather, your Cross Roads Insurance agent stands behind you and is ready to help when the waters rise. Call 910-338-3748 today for more information.


We are a local, family-owned, independent insurance agency located in the Southeastern North Carolina city of Wilmington. Our agents have over 40+ years of experience as insurance agents and can provide you with coverage from a wide range of insurance carriers to fit your needs. We can shop your coverage with multiple excellent insurance companies to get you the best coverage and price. Providing excellent customer service is our main goal at Cross Roads Insurance.



Cross Roads Insurance Agency is the best in town! Richard will organize whatever kind of insurance requests you have, at the lowest prices you'll find. Amazing and personable customer service. Highly recommend!

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